Dulse – One of the red varieties, that turns green when cooked, as do many seaweeds, great all round popular choiceto cook with.

Kelp – One of the more robust seaweeds, it sets real depth and body to a seafood stock.

Sugar Wrack – Excellent texture and form, that is tender when young, and desiccates well when toasted.

Larva – Boiled and purred to make larva bread, fresh it can be rapped around shellfish etc. or layered and toasted.

Sea Lettuce – A delicate light green small seaweed, ideal for salads or eating uncookedaround raw fish.

Gut weed – A very fine long green seaweed, again needing no cooking.

Carrageen Irish/Moss – Branch like in shape, great for a setting agent (Agar) ideal as garnish.

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