Wild plants

Wild plants

Dandelion – The young leaves have a slightly bittersweet taste, steamed or in warm salads they have a similarity to Chicory.

Cleavers – Small, delicate, slender and green. Ideal in salads.

Nettle tops – Familiar to many, the nettle tops can be used in salads, soups and sauces and pastas.

Ransoms (wild garlic) – The leaves are great in salads, sauces, tarts and fritters.

Sea Leeks – This rather rare coastal Leek has Garlic like qualities, robust and fragrant, their great just slightly braised.

Hairy Bitter cress –  Wild small cousin of watercress, with all the usual peppery mustard qualities. Great as salad or garnish.

Wood Sorrel – Similar in shape and size to clover, this plant has an amazing sour apple taste. Great as salad or garnish.

Beech leaves – The first lime green leaves of the beech have a soft nutty flavour. Great for salads and terrine linings etc.

Hawthorn leaves – The young tender leaves are a great addition to salads and garnishes.

Alexanders –  A full flavoured vegetable, pungent taste, much like you get with Celery. Use steamed or braised or in stock.

Sea Beet – Also called wild Spinach, this coastal vegetable can be used as you would spinach.

Sea Purslane – Small crisp leaves, that have a salty flavour, lightly steamed, or shallow fried they add great range of texture.

Spear leafed Orach – Both the small frosted leaves and the seeds are used in salads, stir fried or lightly steamed.

Marsh Samphire – Succulent, salty and found often lightly steamed or sauteed with fish dishes or as a garnish.

Rock Samphire –  More robust in texture and taste, compared to the marsh Samphire, great steamed or pickled.

Sea Kale – A champion in the wild food world, similar to purple sprouting when young, but with loads more depth of flavour.

Bucks Horn Plantain – A small succulent coast plant with leaves shaped like ‘Bucks Horns’ great in salads, steamed  or garnish.

Horse Radish – Familiar to many, the wild root packing a real punch, the leaves are great steamed or as wrappers for fish etc.

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